Learn How to Self-Publish Your Novel with This eBook Bundle

Being a writer has never been easy. Writer’s block, endless hours spent behind a keyboard, along with time and work commitments sapping one’s creativity have all acted as timeless barriers when it comes to producing the next great American novel.

But a writer’s life in fact used to be much harder. In the not so distant past, if you wanted to have your work published, you had to reach out to a handful of snobby publishers who—on the exceedingly rare occasion that they actually accepted your book—provided you with astonishingly small royalties while keeping most of your book’s earning for themselves.

Thankfully, those days are over. It’s now completely possible to self-publish your own book and enjoy success on multiple online platforms including Amazon, Kindle, and iTunes, but you still need to have the right skills and knowledge under your belt in order to succeed.

The eBook Self-Publishing Bundle is your one-stop resource for learning everything there is to know about the exciting and lucrative world of self-publishing, and the entire bundle is available for over 95% off at just $29 for a limited time.

With twelve courses led by seasoned industry experts, this bundle walks you through everything from the absolute basics of getting your work published to the more detailed tricks of gaining a new audience and growing your following.

You won't need any previous experience in the field, and each section of the bundle is broken down into easy-to-understand elements so you'll be able to jump from section to section with ease.

There are several modules devoted to Kindle publishing, in which you’ll learn how to attractively package your new work for distribution, increase and solidify publishing income streams, turn your book’s content into video courses that you can sell online for additional revenue, and more.

There’s a course that walks you through how to format and publish your work on Kindle, through instruction that focusses on:

-choosing the perfect subject and title,

-how to outsource the more mundane writing elements of your book so you can focus on being creative,

-how to jump to the top of the best-sellers list, and more.

There are also several other courses and that focus on writing itself—by teaching you how to expedite:

-the writing process,

-blast through writer’s block,

-build more captivating settings and characters, and much more.

You'll even learn how to work as a freelance writer by tailoring your content to different websites that are looking for specific types of writing.

Don’t wait for increasingly antiquated publishing houses to give your next great novel the green light. Learn how to self-publish with the eBook Self-Publishing Bundle for just $29—over 95% off its usual price for a limited time.

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