Stay Alert on the Road with This AI-Powered Device

Stay Alert on the Road with This AI-Powered Device

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Car safety features and common sense driving regulations have come a long way since the automobile’s inception. From seatbelt laws to the increased stigmatization of drunk and reckless driving, we’ve gotten much better at preventing needless accidents and injuries on the road. It also doesn’t hurt that today’s cars are inherently safer than older generations.

But driving is still an inherently dangerous activity, and you don’t need to be drunk behind the wheel to put yourself and others at risk on the road. Even the most cautious drivers who play by the rules and don’t check their smartphones behind the wheel are prone to distractions and sleepiness, which is exacerbated on longer road trips or even shorter monotonous drives.

And even if you don’t fully doze off while driving, a second or two of simply closing your eyes past a typical blink can lead to catastrophe.

Enter the Ridy Distracted Driving Alert Device, which is the world’s first device that snaps you back to full attention when you start to get drowsy or distracted on the road. And right now this life-saving tool is available for over 30% off at just $79.20 with code CMSAVE20 at checkout.

We’ve all been there. You’re coming home from work after a long day, passing all the same landmarks and road signs, and your mind begins to wander. Perhaps you’re so tired that your eyes begin to shut slowly.

This intelligent device utilizes that latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to determine whether you’re genuinely concentrated on the road.

By continuously analyzing blinking frequency, eye movement, and other facial expression patterns, Ridy can determine whether your blinking is normal or exaggerated, and quickly brings you back to reality without interfering with your driving.

Ideal for long road trips and frequent night drivers, this life-saving device is equally well-suited for anyone who wants to ensure they stay safe and distraction-free on the road. It’s incredibly easy to install and completely non-invasive while you’re behind the wheel (unless you get distracted or start to doze off, of course).

Ridy even works if you wear glasses, so you won’t have to worry about its advanced algorithms being thrown off if you usually use lenses when you drive. Your order also comes with the required mounting hardware for easy installation.

Stay safe and distraction-free every time you get behind the wheel with the Ridy Distracted Driving Alert Device for just $79.20—over 30% off its usual price when you enter the coupon code CMSAVE20 at checkout.

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