4 Tools Every Engineer Needs to Know, and How to Learn Them

4 Tools Every Engineer Needs to Know, and How to Learn Them

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A wave of powerful DIY engineering platforms and tools has revolutionized and democratized the industry of design. Intrepid engineers and designers no longer have to spend thousands of dollars and just as many hours on a traditional science education in order to get the skills they need to build game-changing gadgets, and some of the best instruction can be found online.

But you need to know where to look. These four educational bundles introduce you to the most popular and powerful engineering concepts, platforms, and development environments, and each one is available for up to 95% off.

1. The Essential MATLAB & Simulink Certification Training Bundle - $35 (over 90% off)

MATLAB and Simulink have become practically synonymous with the fields of engineering, statistics, and scientific analysis.

With over 180 lessons led by industry experts with years of experience, this extensive bundle shows you how to navigate the MATLAB interface and build powerful models that can predict future trends and outcomes in your work.

You’ll learn about classification algorithms, data science, PID controllers, and more.

2. The Complete Raspberry Pi Hacker Bundle - $19 (95% off)

The Raspberry Pi is an incredibly small yet powerful computer that has revolutionized the world of DIY engineering—letting you create everything from home automation systems to personalized robots.

This 4-course bundle will get you up and running with this platform through instruction that teaches you how to build a variety of awesome projects from scratch, including a GPS tracking system and an Amazon Echo Clone.

3. The CAD & 3D Printing eBook Bundle By Make: - $19.99 (over 85% off)

Anyone who’s worked with design long enough has doubtlessly encountered CAD—the go-to program for designing everything from bridges to skyscrapers.

The 12 eBooks in the bundle will teach you how to use this powerful platform to create virtually anything your creative imagination can conjure—through instruction that introduces you to 3D printing essentials, CNC routing, programming essentials, and more.

4. Ultimate DIY Arduino Robotics Bundle - $29 (90% off)

Arduino is hands-down the world’s most popular robotics platform, and this three-course bundle will teach you how to take advantage of its most fascinating elements.

Regardless of whether you’re just getting started with engineering or you’re a seasoned professional looking to have some fun, this bundle will teach you how to select the right parts for any project, recreate some of the world’s coolest gadgets, work with cloud-based automation, and more.

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