This Handy Travel Vacuum Kit Can Compress Your Clothes By 70%

This Handy Travel Vacuum Kit Can Compress Your Clothes By 70%

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There are several very good reasons to avoid checking a bag when you travel. Every time you check a bag, you run the risk of the airline losing your luggage, you’re forced to haul around extra weight, and checked bag fees continue to increase.

Carry-on luggage is undoubtedly the way to go whether you’re traveling to a different state or a different country. The only problem is that even the most streamlined and efficient packers among us can have a hard time fitting everything they need for an extended trip into a humble backpack.

Enter the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit, which brilliantly shrinks your clothing by 70% so you can travel lighter for longer distances. And right now this game-changing travel tool is available for over 40% off at just $39.

Even the most seasoned backpack packers are no match for the Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit. Ideal for frequent travelers but equally well-suited for anyone who wants to pack their clothing and other soft items more efficiently, this compact travel companion removes space-hogging air and compresses soft items inside reusable bags.

You’ll be able to significantly reduce the size of soft goods—such as comforters, outerwear, and even pillows—by 70%, and protect and preserve your clothing by removing air that carries moisture, mildew, and orders.

And thanks to the pump’s ultra-portable design, you’ll be able to take it with you on any adventure. The transparent vacuum bags also act as great long-term storage solutions, so you can keep your clothing clean, compact, and organized when you’re not jet-setting around the globe.

Never go through the hassle and cost of checking a bag ever again. The Dr. Save Vacuum Travel Kit lets you travel light for extended periods of time for just $39—over 40% off its usual price for a limited time.

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