This Levitating Cup Is the Life of Any Party

This Levitating Cup Is the Life of Any Party

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Glassware isn’t often the centerpiece of conversation when you entertain friends or family in your home. Far more interesting topics generally abound, or perhaps your estranged uncle has done something so laughably embarrassing that any semblance of conversational focus is doomed from the start.

But this reality only exists because your glassware is, shall we say, basic. As the world’s very first, gravity-defying glassware, the Levitating X Beer Cup will captivate the attention of your guests and stand floating as the centerpiece of attention, and its price has just been dropped to $106.99—over 45% off its usual price.

When we say this cup levitates, we don’t mean it metaphorically. Made from shatterproof faux-glass, this marvel of beverage engineering seems to defy the perceived laws of physics as it’s suspended in air above its chrome, magnetic, and unassuming base.

The base is rechargeable and can be used without the need for a power cord (because let’s face it, cords would take away from the floaty fun), and the cup itself is entirely dishwasher-safe.

And despite the glass’ alcohol-tilted title, it can, in fact, be used to host any liquid of your choice—meaning that guests of any age can be entertained with floating fun.

If you’re feeling especially fancy, you can even use the Levitating X Beer Cup for ice cream or coffee.

The cup, base, charger, and universal power adaptor are all included in your order, and there’s also an instruction manual for those of us who need some reassurance that this levitating glass receives its power from physics and not magic.

Don’t settle for basic glassware. The Levitating X Beer Cup is available for over 45% off its usual price at $106.99 for a limited time.

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