This Multifunctional in-Home Robot Can Even Bring You Beer From the Fridge

This Multifunctional in-Home Robot Can Even Bring You Beer From the Fridge

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With lot many robots launching every other day, the dream of a home robot that is truly useful still seems to be far from a reality. However, Aeolous Robotics apparently has come up with the new wheeled robot that they claim will make the dream come true.

The AI and machine learning powered Aeolus comes with enterprise-grade robotics technology and is capable to perform household tasks with ease.

The mission of the company is to bring the dream of a home robot come to life. “At Aeolus Robotics, it’s our mission to bring together the latest in robotics, AI and machine learning in an affordable in-home robot,” said Alexander Huang, Global CEO of Aeolus Robotics.

The robot is equipped with a responsive arm that can handle household objects and has the ability to understand and adapt to the changing environments. Unveiled yesterday at CES 2018, the robot can recognize thousands of household items, pick them up from the floor and place them in their appropriate storage areas. It can even remember where it saw the items last and can get it back when needed. Apart from being able to locate the lost items, Aeolus can also clean the floors for you by using a vacuum or dry mop on its own. In addition, the robot is integrated with existing IoT systems such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, allowing you to talk to it.

The robot is equipped with advanced sensory and biometric technologies to recognize and differentiate between family members, living space and household items. It can even sense emergencies such as fire or whenever there is a need to make an assistance call, based on posture recognition. The company says that the AI technology integrated into the robot can recognize even minute differences between objects, even if they are placed at different angles or distances.

Aeolus, however, is still a prototype, but it can still grab objects and hand them to you and can hold the vacuum to clean the floor. The company says that it can continuously adapt to unique home layouts and routines, but how well it actually performs in a real scenario remains to be seen.

The robot will learn from the cloud-based updates and data from the users over time. Despite the promises that the company is making with this robot, it still seems to be less practical compared to other consumer-ready home robots like Kuri that can be purchased at a price of $700. Besides, the price of this household helper also seems to be heavy on the pocket. “Costing less than a family vacation overseas, the Aeolus Robot makes the dream of having a home robot a reality and frees up valuable time for you to do the things you want to do”, Huang said.

Aeolous Robot will be made available for purchase in the last quarter of this year.

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